Leather Repairs Stone


Are you looking for a reliable leather repairs team to address damage or wear on your leather sofas, chairs or car upholstery? Look no further than your local leather experts at Leather Repairs Stone. Our team of highly trained and skilled craftsmen will come to your home or workplace to take on all types of leather repairs – from the smallest scuffs and stains to major rips, tears and burn marks. Because we always use the best tools and leather care products on the market, you can be sure you’ll get perfect results every time. Call now and see how good your leather can look.

Would you like a visit from our leather experts? Call us at Leather Repairs Stone to book your service, or complete our handy online form to request a free quote.

leather-repair-servcieOn-Site Leather Sofa Repairs

The only thing more stressful than finding ugly marks or stains on your precious leather sofa is trying to work out how you’ll transport it to a shop to have it repaired. Let the leather experts at Leather Repairs Stone bring the repair shop to you! We work with all kinds of leather to renew, repair and protect sofas of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Care and Cleaning by Leather Experts

You love your leather. At Leather Repairs Stone, we love leather too, which is why our leather experts have designed a range of care treatments to help you get the most from leather sofas and chairs. Over time, dirt and oils can build up in your leather’s pores and sunlight and heavy use can wear away at colour and finish. We’ll help fight the signs of wear and aging and keep your leather in showroom condition.

Mobile Repairs for Leather Car Seats

No matter how much you love your car, you don’t always have time to run to the detail shop and wait around for repairs at the first sign of damage to your car’s leather. Call the leather experts at Leather Repairs Stone when your leather looks less than perfect. No matter how large or small the damage is, we’ll come to your home or workplace to show your leather the love it deserves.