Leather Repairs Leek


When your leather suffers damage or starts to show signs of aging, it doesn’t have to mean the end. Before you throw away less than perfect leather and start shopping for new, call the team at Leather Repairs Leek. We offer on-site leather repairs right at your home or workplace, carried out by highly skilled craftsmen. Our team uses tested techniques and the best tools and leather care products on the market to ensure we always deliver perfect results. Call today and see just how good your leather can look.

Ready for on-site leather repairs? Call us at Leather Repairs Leek to book your service, or complete our online form to request a free quote.

leather-repair-servcieOn-Site Leather Repairs for Sofas

Your leather sofa is an important part of your decor, and even minor leather damage can have a major effect on the comfort and style you’ve worked so hard to perfect. When your leather sofa looks less than its best, don’t live with damaged leather – call Leather Repairs Leek. Our on-site leather repairs team works with all kinds of leather to bring new life to sofas of any age, shape or size.

Expert Leather Cleaning and Care

At Leather Repairs Leek, we know it takes more than just on-site leather repairs to keep your sofas and chairs in showroom condition. If your leather has lost some of the beauty and shine you loved so much when it was new, let us help put things right. We can deep clean to remove built up dirt and stains, touch up fading or dated colour and restore strength and shine to aging finish.

Mobile Repairs for Car Seat Leather

You love your car. But your busy schedule doesn’t allow time for you to wait around at a detail shop for repairs or be without your car for a day or more while your leather car seats get repaired. At Leather Repairs Leek, we offer on-site leather repairs right at your home or workplace. Let us protect your car’s leather while you’re free to get on with your day.